For those who does not understand why Filipinos love Duterte, you should read this

Despite being controversial, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte is definitely the most loved president in the Philippine history. Not just because he is popular and totally not your typical type of politician, but he is known for his exceptional public service and his love and loyalty, not just for his country, but to his fellow Filipinos as well. Yes. You read it right and there's a lot of unheard stories about the president the can prove this. Here's two remarkable stories shared by well-known writer and blogger, Krizette Laureta Chu, from two commenters in one of her Facebook posts on Saturday. READ THE FULL POST BELOW: For those who don't understand why we love Duterte, here are two stories from two commenters on one of my posts today. This is why there is nothing his critics can do, because no amount of negative press can change how Duterte continues to impact people's lives. Instead of bringing him down to their level, why don't VP Leni Robredo pull herself up to his level instead? I have yet to hear, even during the campaign, of stories about how LP's cabal of evil people changed the lives of their constituents. President Duterte with his supporters | Photo from For Leni and LP, the "laylayan" is just a campaign slogan. For Duterte, they're actual people. -------------------------------------------------- Labambina Co's story: my mother suffered stroke and has been in the hospital in and out from jan of this year until present. she is currently in a government run hospital. magastos po but believe it or not ICU is for free. her state of the art mechanical ventilator is free of charge (normally it is charged at 7k a day) she has dialysis every other day lasting to 6 hrs a day .. all for free. medication from the aspirin to colistin (pls check how much it cost as it is very expensive to buy it outside (2,500/bottle sa drugstore.. she needs initial loading dose of 9 bottles to 7 bottles (22,500 max a day) succeeding for the next 14 days ... also vancomycin another antibiotic that is very expebsive to sustain and weeks ago she was into meropenem (as we were in private previously we have to buy tgis outside.. didnt know that pwede lang pala libre..) her operations as well are for free.. she is managed by a resident doctor but consuktants and specialist also regularly visit and major decision on management lies within them. we could have been spending over a million already, but thankfully the governement system works. she is well provided by the hospital. ang laking tulong po. one time i heard a social worker almost begging one indigent for them to continue with the hospitalization. she said you wont spend a peso. all is free.. but since they have this cultural belief in albularyos, they pulled out the patient anyway even if the staff were trying to convince them to stay. i am from davao del norte.
For those who does not understand why Filipinos love Duterte, you should read this For those who does not understand why Filipinos love Duterte, you should read this Reviewed by Trending Daily on July 14, 2018 Rating: 5

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